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Thanks for contacting me regarding a beauty salon supplier ecommerce website. I am honesty over-happy to hear from you. This might sound strange but please listen to my unusual proposal: I have been having serious trouble with salonsrus because of unpaid invoices and debt collection is going legal against them. I usually would reject to work with 2 of the same industry due to conflict of interest to my client because I offer each client exclusivity in the industry they want to be #1 for. However I have no contract or commitment anymore with salonsrus and I can offer any competitor something you won’t just get from any company: #1 in Google in less than 4-5 weeks instead of SalonsRus. This is very good news for you if you are interested in taking over salonsrus #1 position in google. They stopped paying their SEO bills and I can now offer any other beauty supplier this position if you are willing to take over the “lease”. Let me know if you want the real deal. Building the website will cost you somewhere from 3-5K depending on the advanced features you wanted. For example srus has a feature that checks your ABN before allowing you to purchase and many other fancy things like myob exports invoices, coupon codes and much more. " Oh ok that?s good news Floyd. Please understand that this is all progressing very normally and you are also doing a great job in dropbox much better than most other clients and I really appreciate that. Please let me clarify, the template, the joomla configuration for SEO, Australian settings and also your shop have all already been coded and configured. Your website was 40% done on the first week and I did say to you that before I can give green light to my developer he has to make sure that everything is in Dropbox and that you can’t add anything anymore after you say: done so that there are no misunderstandings later if you ask us for another page here and another image there. The “chef” likes to have all ingredients ready before he can start but I still went out of my way to get the fundamental structure and configuration ready on my own. I really don’t want to start off with you being unhappy and I apologise if there was any misunderstandings. We are not slow or over promise you anything. We simply need to have all elements that we can oversee the entire job before any half way serious developer can quote me for this job as well. This is the reason I can’t ask anyone in my team to start if they don’t have everything from day 1. There is no way they can agree to a dead line or a budget if this is the case. So lets please focus on this standard process and let me know in the next 48 hours when you are done uploading images, content, navigation and SEO information. Don’t worry I will not say now if you do ask me for small changes here and there as we progress afterwards so please try and understand my dilemma in such a situation. If I knew that you were sticking to the colours on the initial logo, I would have still asked you to stop adding things to the dropbox, but this is the time which allows you to get free work done and then this option expires once we started. If I were you I wouldn’t worry too much about the time it takes and rather use this time to add as much as you can to make your website have as many pages, FAQ’s and what not for us to put in for you at no extra charge (as long as it is not one new function we hadn’t discussed in the initial quotation) . " Was great meeting you today. What a bummer with ami but we will get you back to the top and make your website much better for all devices like iPad, iPhones and all the rest. However, the initial quote I sent you was only for making it mobile friendly, however I have below the feedback from my developer team about making more than just removing the flash. I asked for tuning quote for the pagespeed, updating your wordpress to the latest version (security) and adding rotating testimonials to homepage and I would need to double my initial quote just to pay my costs. Please approve an additional $600 so I can do a full job this time and work with no stress and deliver on time. It’s really a pain asking for more money especially when I am making nothing. I am always investing on a long term future with SEO which is when we all make money. Let me know what you think. " I agree to the letter and hope I can earn your trust rather sooner than later. The letter does not mention the paper work of drafting a contract for me to give to my clients before starting SEO/web design work, however I am sure that we will have a good understanding once the ranks start to kick in so I will not wait for a revision and get started anyway :wink: - I trust you already so I have no reason to demand anything in writing and will just do my best for you and give you everything I have ever learnt, SEO, online marketing and much more and “see how it goes” =) I will first start by making you a whole new website using a more SEF (search engine friendly) CMS (content management system) like Joomla or Wordpress. We are facing 3 options: We copy exactly the current design to Joomla (great for SEO but you are not fully happy with the design) We clone your business catalyst website (bad for SEO and needs a lot of on-page SEO)We start a fully new template design and make any custom changes you would like (great for SEO and for your branding/liking)The retail cost would usually be quoted as follows: Any of the 3 options would include the basic SEO setup fee of $2000 (ranges from $1500 to $3500 for all clients; depending on the size of the website and the hardship of the industry keywords (easier for me to do something everyone knows like car rental, hotel, or beauty salon, whereas technology law requires of me to study and understand your industry phrases, your competition’s SEO & marketing techniques etc). " The SEO setup fee covers the following: keyword research, domain name hunt, competitor research, rank report setup, Piwik analytics installation on your website (instead of Google analytics - I will explain later), Bing Webmaster tools, submissions to over 100 most important directories. " Great thanks!! Please make contact page, appointment page and 3 boxes on homepage like I asked on IZ - contact page is a mess! Please this is more urgent than atticus or anything - please read chat log again if u forgot - can u please push contact us font in top menu more to not have so much space to the right? Maybe if u add to “company” tab "“our” company then this will fix it? Please make contact page a message field and in appointment page don’t make mobile mandatory and have a good look - submit button need to be centred on both breezing pages and bigger and the AM/PM needs bigger drop down and just have an overall look everywhere please - I don’t really need to do like atticus guy and show u all these things - please look yourself and perfect is not a hard thing in web design…ok Emily? Atticus was not wrong with 90% of things he annoyed us with and was mostly just fixes of small errors - please try harder to proof your teams work before showing me - you should know me by now -I don’t do this india stuff and I think you can do better with the small details. " Commercial Real Estate listing website (please play around with the website above to get a good understanding of how advanced this “real estate system” really is) Web Design to match your branding/colors Slideshow Featured properties on homepage (up to 3) Quick Search with all postcodes and suburbs of Western Australia already pre-indexed in the website (please try and enter a suburb name in the search box of the website above and see how it will suggest several suburbs that match the spelling - very advanced stuff!) Advanced Search with all the features above plus map view and icons representing the properties with dynamically moving map when hovering over the icons of the properties. Send to friend feature from every property Add multiple properties t favorites and then you can send them to a friend (please try this with the website above and register to be able to do so - you will love this part) Profile page with the Staff (click above on “our team” under “company”) Facebook Like, Tweet Google +1 Copyscape protection to avoid people from copying you Spam Protection on contact form to avoid spam Image lightbox gallery view when clicking on the property images And so much more… So you can see that this is a very major system that I won’t be “renting” to you like most companies would and you are hardly paying to get this system and $1800 of the $3400 is only for the web design and $1600 for the system I just presented to you. Have a good play with Industrial Zone’s new baby and let me know if this could suit your goals. SEO:After making my keyword research and competitor research I would like to offer you Top 3 position in 3-4 months time at the most (more likely 1-2 months) for a yearly cost of $6000 + gst (meaning monthly $500 AUD + gst) . For the following primary key phrase: “commercial real estate perth” and for an extra $2000 per year I will also add "commercial property perth"There is also a setup fee of $1500 for rank reports, analytics system installation on your website (called “Piwik”) and consulting you with steps you have to do from your end (for example: google places, yahoo directory dmoz etc…). I think there is no need for me to pitch a sale to you here anymore after you have seen several of my major #1 results in our last phone call so you can be assured that Ron is a real SEO expert and that you will get major results for your money. The SEO is a commitment for a minimum of 1 year but you only have to pay me monthly $500 so you can always back out if you are not getting the results I promised. I will not hold you liable to paying the full $6000 if you are not ranking in the top 3 after 4 months as per my guarantee and commitment. If you are not in the top 3 by then I will continue on doing free SEO until you are in the top 3. Sounds fair? " What bank do you have your business with? Call and ask them how much a merchant account setup costs, then we need t connect you with 2checkout or securepay. I’ll check again once you have your merchant account which one is best. I have some contacts with both so I can refer them to you. My price can be from $500 to $1000 to connect both elements with your website and do the testing, depending on your bank. Example: CBA would be much cheaper than ANZ because they have a easier gateway integration for Joomla and ANZ has to be done custom. " Was nice talking to you today about how we will go about our relationship so I’ll make this initial pre-proposal short and sweet: I willstart as of tomorrow the trial SEO period to get you ranking for “smsf loan” (currently ranking #27 on page #3) to the top 3 in 4 weeks or less free of charge. My goal is to get a 12K per year contract with you for SEO to replace Wally’s missing budget for mortgage and home loans SEO and we can either work on 3-4 lower volume/competition keywords like this one or 1 major keyword. However I also highly recommend to change your current design and ease of navigation in there very near future in order to maximise the conversion rate from clicks-to-leads and reduce your bounce to below 40% with A-B testing of design landing page models. I will not lock you in like I usually do for other SEO clients and you can at anytime back out. I guarantee you that your website will not get penalised by Panda or Penguin since we are following all guidelines of “silver-hat” SEO and know what triggers the spam filters. There is no way I can know what new filters Google will create in the future but I can guarantee you that we will be the first t know and adjust our SEO accordingly. web design