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Konu: Neşeli Evler :) Nordhavnen Residences

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    Smile Neşeli Evler :) Nordhavnen Residences

    Nordhavnen Residences
    by 3XN in Denmark

    3XN is currently developing a radically daring yet surprisingly pragmatic idea. An idea that was awarded at this years MIPIM - with the MIPIM AR Future Projects Award 2006 in the category ‘Residential’…
    At present, Copenhagen is experiencing rapid development. Hundreds of new apartments are being erected especially at the Northern Harbor (Nordhavnen), not far away from the city centre. This area is urged by us to develop into a playground for creative designs and new ways of perceiving the way we live.

    4 organic shaped apartment towers are situated in a free, playful and humanistic urban landscape. The towers consist of elliptical floor plans creating elliptical balconies which shift position moving upwards. The result is playful in its appearance, with several pragmatic advantages too. The balcony extension to the rational building core is relatively simple and economical affordable, but has high impact on the design. The roundly shaped towers give way for a better view from each apartment, and reduce wind turbulence. Energy consumption is also minimized through the perfect balance between internal area and perimeter. The shifting of the balconies ensures a more direct experience of the sky above.

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